State of Jharkhand is in great need of development of Water Resources as it is a water starved/deficient state and managing and utilizing the available Water Resources is of prime importance for the State. The State Water Resources Department is primarily involved in development of all kinds of water resources in the state. Jharkhand has a total agricultural land of 29.74 lakh ha. Against the total cultivable area, 24.25 lakh ha Irrigation Potential can be created.  12.765 lakh hectare irrigation Potential has to be created though Major and Medium Irrigation Projects and 11.485 lakh ha Irrigation potential has to be created through Minor Irrigation Schemes and other sources. Objectives of the Department are-

  • Increasing irrigation coverage

  • Making existing irrigation network more efficient.

  • Moving towards effective Participatory Irrigation Management.

  • Emphasis on minor and lift irrigation projects as they are more suitable and economical and have low gestation period. 

  • Recharge and replenish the decreasing Ground Water Table.

  • Providing Industrial water to prospective Industries.

  • Inter River basin transfer of water.